Region of Peniche

Region of Peniche

Peniche is synonymous with the sea: in this coastal town where the fishing industry goes hand-in-hand with tourism as a two-pronged means of promoting a unique destination, the fine white sandy beaches have given it the nickname the “Capital of the Wave”, where sea sports enthusiasts and travellers with a love of the sea can find everything they need for a unique stay.

Just a little way offshore, you can visit the almost completely wild islands of the Berlengas – UNESCO World Heritage site – where you can fully commune with nature. In the city, various different monuments and cuisine with unparalleled flavours will win you over as soon as you arrive.

The Praia D’El Rey golf course is considered one of the best in Portugal, and is the perfect place for weekends dedicated to sport and contact with nature.

One of the interesting features of Peniche is that it sits on a mound – a tiny peninsula with a perimeter of around 10 km -, with Cabo Carvoeiro at its extreme western tip. The coast is formed by imposing cliffs and magnificent long beaches along the ocean in a constant line of aspects which delight all visitors.


The district of Peniche has a long and rich history, having been successively occupied by populations which - in the past as they do today - made a living from fishing and agriculture. Its specific geomorphical nature, wavering between an insular/peninsular situation, seems to have moulded and influenced the socioeconomics and cultural lives of the populations which have occupied this territory over the years, simultaneously enabling the district of Peniche to be the stage for major national and international historical events.


The district of Peniche and its shore have, particularly in the last decade, been the setting for countless research projects in the area of Archaeology. It is through these projects that the long History of this area and its people has been slowly pieced together. Archaeology has provided us with a portrait of a territory which in Roman times was pivotal in the context of inter-regional commercial navigation, with its berths and eventually its port structures welcoming vessels, some of them very large indeed (as appears to be proven by the discovery on Berlenga of two lead anchor stumps measuring around 2.55 and 2.63 m. and weighing 423 and 422 Kg. respectively), transporting amphorae full of products such as Andalusian wine, or Lusitanian fish preserves.


Peniche’s sea coast has many kinds of beach with fine sand and limpid waters extending for several kilometres. The city is built on a peninsula whose westernmost point is Cabo Carvoeiro. This is the district in which the Berlengas archipelago is located, around 11 miles west of Cabo Carvoeiro. Today this archipelago is a nature reserve which is home to rare species of bird, fish and flora.
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